7 Tips to Create Engaging Social Media Content

Writing engaging social media content is harder than most of us think. If you have 100 followers, only about two or three of them will read and comment on your posts. So we will look at a few tips that target the audience best suited to your customers.

1. Look for the Latest Social Media Trends

Stay active on your platform of choice and watch out for what is trending. Actively following the latest trends, will help you to get more customers and followers.

2. Support a Cause

The Dove skincare range currently has a campaign against retouching tools and filters normally used in shooting beauty commercials. The brand has urged, especially women, to share the untouched versions of their pictures on Instagram. This empowers women to embrace a less-than-perfect vision of beauty and shatters the myth of perfection.

3. Evoke an Emotion

Write some emotive content, where possible children and animals stories evoke emotional responses. It sounds a bit cynical but people will connect to your brand if you are able to link it to a touching story. A lost and found dog or cat always gets a good response when looking for engaging social media content.

4. Quizzes and Competitions

Word puzzles and quizzes with a small reward or gift is a good promotional tactics. People like to participate in polls to see if they stand out from the crowd or are just the same as everyone else. Quizzes appeal to nearly everyone as people like to feel engaged in competing with others.

4. User-Generated Content

The best way to get user-generated content is to ask your customers to tag your brand when using your product

You can then use some of these posts, and repost them on your site, this is a win-win situation, as someone else has written it for you.

5. Be Consistent in Your Brand Voice

The personality and mission statement and values of your brand must remain consistent.

Choose a tone that resonates with your target audience and continue to use it.

6. Humor

People look to social media for entertainment, yes, I know!! So, we must keep our content entertaining.

Funny videos are great, and a few jokes (be careful not to offend anyone). social media has a variety of this type of content, so have a look at the sites and reuse some of it for your site.

7. Connect with Your Target Audience

When using engaging social media content this is a point that is often overlooked.

Put a letter up on your social media thanking your customers for their loyalty. This makes them feel cared about, and when Christmas comes send out especially targeted Seasons Greetings to your audience and their families.

When possible, share a few of your day-to-day struggles, this happened during the Pandemic and was very effective, as we all face the same family illnesses and difficulties.


These are some of the most effective tips to use across most areas of business and to get the republic actively engaged with your product.

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